Here be dragons.

no hay puentes,
se hace puentes al andar.
– Gloria Anzaldúa

We Women Warriors follows three native women caught in the crossfire of Colombia’s warfare who use nonviolent resistance to defend their peoples’ survival. Colombia has 102 aboriginal groups, one-third of which face extinction because of the conflict. Despite being trapped in a protracted predicament financed by the drug trade, indigenous women are resourcefully leading and creating transformation imbued with hope. We Women Warriors bears witness to neglected human rights catastrophes and interweaves character-driven stories about female empowerment, unshakable courage, and faith in the endurance of indigenous culture.

Caught this film earlier tonight at the IFC as part of DocuWeeks. The director, Nicole Karsin, and one of the women featured in the film, Flor Ilva (Nasa), were also on hand for a Q&A. The film was intense and I was really glad that I had a friend there with me because I definitely needed to debrief afterwards. I really hope that Nicole finds a way of bringing this film to a larger audience because not only is it well crafted and an excellent example of documentary storytelling, it also contains an urgent message of community resistance.

If you’re in NYC and can spare the $13, there are two more showings and another Q&A tomorrow night (Aug 16). I also have a copy of the film for any friends that want to borrow it.