Here be dragons.

no hay puentes,
se hace puentes al andar.
– Gloria Anzaldúa



Monday March 12 Social Media Day - UPDATE your Facebook status, use #NYComingOut for Twitter, make a meme for Tumblr etc with a sentence or two coming out to your followers and friends. Change your default picture to an image supporting the New York Dream Act.

Tuesday March 13 UUU Shirt Day - WEAR your story by sporting one of our UUU shirts, or your support for the New York Dream Act, to work, class or just outside. Wear it all day! Don’t forget to take a picture or make a fun youtube video of yourself wearing the t-shirt and email it to us, tweet it at us @NYSYLC, tag us on Facebook. If you do not have a t-shirt buy one here or come to our office.

Wednesday March 14 PhonePetition Day - CALL and COLLECT petitions for the New York Dream Act. Make sure to call your representatives in Albany, express your support for the New York Dream Act and get your friends to do the same. Find your representative in the New York Dream Act website. Use this printable paper version of the petition for outdoor use and/or collect them online. However, the trick is to get someone to sign the petition that has no idea you are undocumented. By sharing your story you’ll see there’s a lot of support out there.

Thursday March 15 Prepping Day - Come to our office from 5pm-8pm to practice your coming out story and to make posters for our rally. Also, record your story and overall, share your experience coming out so far.

Friday March 16 Rally Day - We will be having our annual Coming Out Rally in Union Square surrounded by love and support. During this rally we will be having performances and youth from all over New York sharing their status in public! Below is a flyer of the event.


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