Here be dragons.

no hay puentes,
se hace puentes al andar.
– Gloria Anzaldúa





In a recent interview with Diverse magazine, Professor Cornel West attacked his former Princeton colleague and newly minted MSNBC host Professor Melissa Harris-Perry.

West called Harris-Perry a “liar” and said that, “[s]he’s become the momentary darling of liberals, but I pray for her because she’s in over her head. She’s a fake and a fraud. I was so surprised how treacherous the sister was.”

Oh HELL naw!  Sir, I’ma need you to have all the goddam seats.

I swear West’s real issue is that Perry’s scholarship often focuses on WOC & not MOC.

Bolded for truth and realness.

i have been holding out hope for cornel west, like i black intellectuals have a special place in my heart, but damn…west just loses a lot of my respect for this…no. no. no…no…melissa is the shit…even if when i disagree with her, as i did with her support of obama, still…she is intelligent as fuck…and who the fuck is west talk about being the darling of the liberals…srsly…did i enter into an alternative universe in which west is not the go to black intellectual for white liberals nowadays?   

i need a compass, cause im lost…

all of the above.

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    IMHO, West is pissed because it’s no longer him who’s working within the system to change it, and MHP is doing the work...
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    I don’t dig it at all.
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    all of the above.
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    i have been holding out hope for cornel west, like i black intellectuals have a special place in my heart, but damn…west...
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    You know, even when West throws some legit crit at Obama and his admin and others, I still don’t like his ass. He irks...
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    karnythia |
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    Really Cornel?!….you know you’re just mad that you don’t have a new show….sit down
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    "just because West critiques or name calls, however unsavory that may be, that doesn’t mean he is wrong, or in need of a...
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    After reading the whole piece, West was refuting some comments made by Harris-Perry. West contends that what she said...
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    What is going on between black intellectuals? Where’s the beef?? I respect both of them.
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    West what is going on. Did someone put something in your coffee. West. No. Stop. I still want to love you.