Here be dragons.

no hay puentes,
se hace puentes al andar.
– Gloria Anzaldúa


 Carlos Vives Ft J Alvarez - Quiero casarme contigo (Remix)

para mí esto es muy importante. muy importante.

today, i would do just about anything to be back in Colombia.

  • sitting at doña marina’s table waiting to eat one of her beautiful soups. 
  • chatting with the women who run my favorite cafe. 
  • laying on my bed watching clouds move over the mountains. 
  • drinking a watery Club Colombia in the plaza.
  • taking a really fast moto ride with one of the boys.
  • playing with the kids in the ludoteca during one of marcela’s english classes. 
  • riding a chiva out to a vereda - las coles or san bartolo or maybe even castilla
  • resting up for a night of dancing with the girls from the mayor’s office - at the discoteca with all the neon colors.
  • taking a long walk out to La Margarita for the best Lulo juice in the world. 
  • having a bbq in riosucio with jackie and carlitos and their friends
  • passionately turning down aguardiente shots 
  • singing Carlos Vives songs at the top of my lungs 


…up to 200,000 people angry with high costs and poor public services took to the streets. Protesters in Rio de Janeiro burned cars and looted buildings as police attempted to disperse them with teargas and rubber bullets. Aerial images showed thousands of people attempting to storm the congress building in Brasilia. The rallies…are some of the biggest ever seen in the country…


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Stop Stigma Sacramento
The Mental Illness: It’s not always what you think project was initiated by Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Behavioral Health Services to:
-Reduce stigma and discrimination
-Promote mental health and wellness
-Inspire hope for people and families living with mental illness

Stop Stigma Sacramento is one of the many projects here working to support those with mental illnesses. These are all over the county—on billboards, community boards, and gas pumps.

For mental health resources in the county, visit the NAMI Sacramento website

1 in 10 people have mental illness, so anyone who thinks this is a rare thing, please realize that pretty much one of your friends or family members has one, maybe even you do. It took a long time to realize i had mental illnesses, because they are so stigmatized you don’t want to believe it.

Can we talk about how INCLUSIVE this campaign is?!  Several ethnicities, 2 folks who are LG (possibly genderqueer (they’re only id’d as “partner” so I’m not gonna assume one way or another)


I love this.  LOVE.


THIS Is how you do an ad campaign people.

Can I tell you how enthused I am to see a Black pastor being a face of Mental Illness awareness? This is huge for me for a number of reasons!

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I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin.

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this is a daily goal.

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Image inspired by something my comadre Yosimar Reyes said in Chicago about the way our migrant labor is deemed low-skilled. It takes a lot of skills to work in the fields. To serve entitled people their food. To make your clothes. To take yo’ shit. And all the while trying to keep our sanity. That’s some skills.

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Protests in Brazil against hike in bus, metro fare

“Thousands of protesters are taking to the streets in Brazil’s two biggest cities, protesting against 10-cent hikes in bus and subway fares. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets Thursday night to disperse thousands of protesters in Sao Paulo who had been chanting, “The love is over — Turkey is right here” before fleeing the law enforcement onslaught. At least 55 people were injured and 60 arrested during the fourth  demonstration in a week. 

The crowd that formed earlier Thursday outside the Municipal Theater in Sao Paulo drew together a combination of students, citizens protesting police violence, representatives from various left-leaning parties and supporters of the original protest, which called for better and more equitable access to public transportation. 

Sao Paulo is plagued by grindingly slow traffic and poor public transportation, so its low-income residents often face long, dreary  commutes. Bus fare was recently raised from about $1.40 to about $1.50. Minimum wage is just over $350 a month.

At first, the crowd moved peacefully through the streets, with some waving Turkish flags in recognition of the protests there. A small minority wore masks. Workers and residents cheered from windows; others complained of traffic jams caused by the protest. When the group neared Roosevelt Square, police began to fire tear gas.”

Photographs :

1. Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators protesting increases in public transit fares in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 13, 2013. (Sebastiao Moreira/EPA) 

2. People protest the increase in bus and subway fares in Rio de Janeiro on June 13, 2013. (Nicolas Tanner/AP) 

3. Two demonstrators hug each other tightly as they are surrounded by riot police using tear gas during a student protest in Rio de Janeiro June 13, 2013. (Tasso Marcelo/AFP/Getty Images) 

4. A woman offers a flower to a police officer during a protest against a rise in bus and subway fares in Rio de Janeiro on June 13, 2013. (Nicolas Tanner/AP) 

5. Masked demonstrators protest an increase in bus and subway fares in Rio de Janeiro on June 13, 2013. (Nicolas Tanner/AP)

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Cops Who Killed Kimani Gray Named In 5 Lawsuits, Attempted To Fabricate Evidence In Each Case

The NYPD sergeant and cop involved in the fatal shooting of Brooklyn 16-year-old Kimani Gray have been named in five federal lawsuits — which cost the city a total of $215,000 in settlements, court records show.

Sgt. Mourad Mourad racked up three suits while he was a plainclothes cop on Staten Island, and Officer Jovaniel Cordova racked up two at Brooklyn’s 70th Precinct — all alleging various civil rights violations including illegal stop and search and false arrest.

Prosecutors later dismissed all but one of the arrests against the six plaintiffs, and the criminal cases were sealed.

Mourad and Cordova had been placed on desk duty while the NYPD and the Brooklyn district attorney’s office continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the March 9 shooting in East Flatbush that has since sparked ‘riots’. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has said Gray was shot after he pointed a .38-caliber revolver at the sergeant and cop, who had approached a group of youths on the street.

A woman who told the Daily News she witnessed the shooting from her apartment window said Gray did not have a gun in his hand. She previously told Internal Affairs investigators she couldn’t see what the kids were doing “from the angle I was at.” (which was a distance away from where he was shot). 

The settlements in the prior cases ranged from $20,000 to $92,500, with no admission of wrongdoing by the city.

Our clients’ interactions with Sgt. Mourad and Officer Cordova expose a disturbing pattern of unconstitutional and aggressive stop-and-frisk practices,” said lawyer Brett Klein, who filed four of the five suits.

In each case, Mourad and Cordova attempted to cover up their misconduct by falsifying and fabricating evidence.

The suits are:

  • Derek Franks received a $92,500 settlement for a suit against Mourad and other unidentified cops, alleging he was illegally stopped and frisked on May 7, 2007. He spent four months in Rikers Island until charges were dropped.
  • Andre Maraj and Dary Harville each received $22,500 settlements, which alleged they were falsely arrested by Mourad and others. Harville claimed he was “slammed” into a car.
  • Peter Owusu received $22,500 for the “emotional distress” he suffered as a result of a car stop and arrest by Cordova. Owusu claims he was placed facedown in a puddle and handcuffed. He later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.
  • Steve Morency got $35,000 after accusing Cordova of an illegal stop inside an E. 17th St. building. Morency claimed he was punched in the face and needed three stitches to close a cut above his eye.
  • Jontel Sebbern received $20,000 stemming from his arrest after a car stop. He was ordered out of the car by Mourad and others, who frisked him and pulled his pants and underwear.

You can take me to the precinct but you’re not going in my underwear here,” Sebbern told the cops, says the complaint.

Editors Note: Today, Saturday March 16th, makes one week since Kimani was killed. There will be another protest at 55th street and Church ave. at 7pm. We’re expecting a large turnout, come by if you can.

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